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Home Theater Part IV

TV Mounting time!  Only one problem...the 52" TV if centered on the wall is only going to hit 1 stud when we mount.  No good--quick search online led to a blocking method we could use.  This move about killed the parentals!

Test fitting the bracket, it was very solid.  We quickly realized we made a big mistake though.  We should have saved the drywall we cut out to throw over this, because we didn't we had to put another layer of plywood over to make everything flush with the surrounding drywall.  Then lots of mud and paint.  This was the only part of the project that sucked.  Knowing we screwed up this bad and not really having a way to fix it easily.  In the end it looks pretty damn good and you have to look very hard behind the TV with a bright light to see the imperfections of our screw up.  Quickly made a few more cuts for the power bridge and the LV mudring and ran the cables the rest of the way.

We tossed the TV up and it looks great (it's mounted so high up because we have a fake fire place that goes under it)  You can also see how we capped the drywall on the ceiling where the projector screen cuts were made.

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