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Attic Tempature Heatmap

I was running some cable to an area of the attic I have never been through and it was flipping hot, much hotter then the other areas.  So I went and ordered a bunch of 1-wire temperature sensors to install all over the attic so I can data log and see what areas are the hottest.  I made a base for a heatmap that I'll write something to create hourly and decided to make a mock up, obviously this is just a mock up and it doesn't show any sort of resolution but it gets the general idea across.--Powerpoint made a decent mockup image--if only the jpeg compression didn't suck so hard.

Attic Heatmap Example

Attic Heatmap Example

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1-Wire Temperature Sensors

Well I finally got some Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Tempature Sensors in.  I quickly threw a bunch on the breadboard to see how accurate they are and stuffs, pretty nifty, 2 wires is all it takes, ignore the 3rd leg of the sensors it doesn't do anything...

Breadboard + 1-Wire Tempature Sensors

Breadboard + 1-Wire Temperature Sensors

I put white blocks in the picture because of the nonsense on the breadboard--it was just some toying of a segment display from awhile back...

I plan to use these sensors (along with many more) to build a weather station, and I'd like to place a few throughout the house to see the difference in tempature between the rooms.  Would be intresting to see the temp difference between the outside, attic and home on a graph.