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N-1000 Command Reference Cheetsheet

Posting this command reference as a cheatsheet for those trying to setup a Honeywell (previously Northern Computers, Inc.) N-1000 panel at home.  These are the basics for programming it:

Remember to prepend all commands with a space before typing them!

- Panel buffers and prints all activity

- Set Pulse Time on Output 1 to 1 Second

- Assign Reader 1 to Output 1

- Add Card 01110 to database during Timezone 1 on Reader 1

- Set time to 20:48

- Set Panel name as "House Panel"

- Set Reader 1 name as "Garage Reader"

- Set Output 1 name as "Garage Door"

- List all cards in database

- Energize Output 1 for 1 Second


Card Access Control for Server Racks

APC has been offering a solution since ~2007 with the NetBotz PX AP9361 (Now NetBotz Access Control).  These support the usage of HID proximity cards so hopefully the same cards you use in your facility can be used.  Each kit is good for one rack, and secures both the front and rear doors, it includes contacts for both doors so if someone uses the physical key rather then an access card it can send an alert, or work with other NetBotz devices to snap a photo and send you the mugshot.  The only downside is that you must have NetShelter SX rack enclosures.


Card Access Complete Write-up

So you want to setup a card access system?  Well assuming you don't mind being locked out of your home for a few hours here is how it's done...

First let's cover how they work—

There are five parts to a card access system:

  1. Control Interface
  2. Cards
  3. Readers (Either card readers, keypads, or a combination of both)
  4. Card Access Control Panel(s)
  5. Outputs (electromagnetic locks, electric strikes, contacts)

Keyfob Success!!!

I ordered 103 HID keyfobs (used) for less then I paid for 3 NEW
These are almost all 5 digit keyfobs so every single one works just fine with my panel!!!

Keyfob Mania!!!

Keyfob Mania!!!


More Access Cards

My DuoProx II cards came in today, they are 125mhz RF cards and magstripe...Not sure I'll ever use the magstripe but figured why not spend the extra $0.25 a card.  The read range is good about 4"-5" and it reads just fine through my wallet at about 3".  Keyfobs are in the mail and should be here soon I hope...
HID DuoProx II

HID DuoProx II


Keyfob Failure…

So I got 3 NEW keyfobs for about 13 shipped on ebay.  I rush to add them to my system, and for some reason they don't get registered by my access panel... The HID reader reads them just fine, so they work.  Just something is up with the panel, I know it has to do with the way it interperates the card/keyfob # or some junk, these are 6 digit keyfobs, the cards I've programmed have all been 5 digit...So off to find another auction...



HID Reader Installed

So I got a pair of HID Readers today, MiniProx's I expected them to be smaller but oh well, they work nice...  I mounted one up for the garage door outside properly, and used a terminal block to make the connections because it only has a 18" pigtail.  I used STP Cat5 because honeywell/northern computers recommends sheilded cable, and STP Cat5 was lying around on a workbench...
Pics below:
HID Reader in Box

HID Reader in Box


Card Access System Installed & Operational

So with a tip from a fellow on the internets, I was able to finish that last step in programming it, setting the link between a card reader and an output.  It was all working so I ran to install it, took a little under an hour and it works! w00t!!!111oneoneeleven


N-1000-II Mounted

N-1000-II Mounted


Progress on the Card Access System

So I tinkered around today with it some more, and realized my mistake when I previously tried to program the panel.  Every command has to be prefixed with a space.  The other show stopper is the POS USB<->Serial Dongle I am using, it craps out after a few minutes and I have to change the com port, disable/reenable the device, or unplug/replug it in...

I made good progress today, Assigned the Reader to an Output, Added the Card to the Reader, and named the Panel, Reader and Output.  I cannot get the panel to energize the output when I have a successful read, however the LED status on the reader works now and I can see the actions in the terminal processing.  I know it has to do with the V command, but everything I've done thus far is invalid syntax, stupid Honeywell needs to improve on this documentation from 1995.  Perhaps I'll try to get a firmware upgrade for this thing, apparently you have to send the EPROMM in to get it, PITA.   Heres a pic from my tinkering...

Access Control Progress

Also bidding on a Blackbox wireless serial server so once this is installed I can make whatever changes over the network...mmm disable someones proxcard (key) to the house via VPN--oh the joys...

Anyone else who wants to do something like this, the Northern Computers panels may be a cheaper solution since they are in surplus out of old buildings, however something like an ELK-M1 may prove to be more user friendly and alot less fustrating...


Card Access Systems for Home use…

So I picked up this Northern Computers N-1000-II Access control panel from fleabay for a few bucks.  I'm working to make my garage door have card access, and then maybe the front door of the house.  Still haven't figured out howto program it, the serial port spews out timestamps of events (alarm conditions, card reads, etc) you can program one of the 2 card reader inputs to energize a relay output when an "authorized" card is read..