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Passed CompTIA Security+

So I took my CISSP a few months back and I wanted to knock a year off the work expereience requirement ISC2 requires I went ahead and took SY0-201 yesterday.  Exam took just under 20min, the only sucky part was that the testing center I went to took 34minutes to seat me.  Guess they assume people have nothing better to do...


VMware Certified Professional

So I bought an exam voucher for $99 bucks last night, plan to knock this out in the next few months.  (Need to tackle Security+ first)

I should have taken this last year after I got my CVE (Certified Virtualization Expert) but wasn't thinking.  I don't expect it to be very difficult at all after reviewing the Exam Blueprint, for the technical bits, it looks like 99% point-click GUI knowledge and 1% command-line (apart from all the various product version/requirements stuff).  I think I will move for the VCAP-DA after getting my VCP out of the way, the CVE course really forces you to learn command-line and not rely on the GUI for everything.  I feel prepared pretty well for VCAP-DA as well, though that will require some brushup and lab work.  The only bits I haven't used that VCAP expects are are Orchestrator, vShield Zones, and vCenter Linked mode.

Not sure what I'm going to do about the course requirement, I never attended any of the required VMware training courses...


Passed Server+

I didn't even really want to take the test but did, I passed CompTIA Server+ today.  So I received word that I passed my CISSP exam a couple of weeks ago but since I don't have a "solidly verifiable" 5 years experience in the various domains I would have to either wait until 2012 to be officially a CISSP or pass Security+, and that would knock it down to only 4 years of experience required.  I never pay full price for an exam so checking my usual spots I thought I would come up with a Security+ voucher for cheap but all I could find was Server+ for about $100.  I figured what the hell, it's a CompTIA test no study required and bought it to waste some time.  I went and took the test a few days later, and passed with a solid score of like 865.  Chalked up my  2nd CompTIA certification with no studying. (did the same with i-Net+ on accident a few years ago when Prometric mis-scheduled me for i-Net+ instead of Network+.


Passed CISSP Exam

Today I received notification that I passed my CISSP exam.  I still am not an offical CISSP since there are other requirements apart from passing the exam.  So for now I'm an "Associate of (ISC)2"....I will be taking Security+ soon and in February I should be an official CISSP.


Certified LANDesk Engineer

Took my CLE9 (Certified LANDesk Engineer) exam today, thought it would be alot tougher then it was...Test seemed like it would never end though.  I think this was because  they don't present the questions one at a time, you get all of them at once and have to keep scrolling down.


Certified Virtualization Expert

I took the CVE (Certified Virtualization Expert) exam today, I was very confident in the material and broke my personal fastest exam time record.  I finished the exam in under 13 minutes.  Thats not to say it wasn't a challenging exam though--this exam I really worked hard on, and taking the exam was a joy being so confident in the material.  I should go get my VCP right away but since the requirements for being a VCP isn't just passing the exam, you also have to attend a required VMware training course I am discouraged from obtaining my VCP.

None the less, the CVE exam was more challenging then what I read from the VCP Exam Blueprint, you have to know alot of command-line stuff for CVE.  VCP on the other hand doesn't really require a lot of command-line knowledge.  I really enjoyed the training course I attended this past week that helped prepare me for the CVE.  Plus I had one of the best instructors ever Shawn MacArthur.  He wasn't a death by PowerPoint kind of guy, kept it very fun and engaging and put up with my shenanigans for a week.