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Home Theater Part Duex

More progress--Paint and Wall Sconces all done.

Some more decisions made, Harmony 880 will control the entire system.  Xantech Connecting block & Emitters for IR distribution, Samsung 52" LCD selected.  Receiver + Speakers will be my dad's existing gear.

To control the motorized screen and wall sconces INSTEON was selected.  I was going to get the low voltage board for the motorized screen so I could control it via IR, RS-232, etc. but those options all would have cost me over $300.  My electrician buddy Kenneth "Teh Fuckin' Man" Deli figured out a way to use INSTEON Controls, and a Relay to control the screen.  He also advised me on an IR to INSTEON adapter so my Harmony remote could control everything properly.  Did I mention I <3 DIN Rail???

Screen Testing!  Also set the limit switches were I think they should be...
Installed half the power bridge and cut in the LV mudring.

Setup my ghetto cable pulling rig--Since only one of the cable is on a spool this isn't straight forward, but most of the cable is very stiff so it spins easily.  Still needed someone tending to this while the pull was going on but it made it a breeze running all the cables at one time.  I didn't have any poly to use as a leader, so I used a bit of phone wire and staggered all the cable's connectors so the pull wouldn't just be a big ass ball of connectors.  Everything is neatly tied up and all connectors are protected as described in the previous post.

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