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Ambient Mood Lighting Project

This is something I've been throwing around for a few years--ordered the main components tonight.  Should be ready to start building in a couple of weeks--damn hong kong shipping times.  The controller supports 32 channels, at 500ma each.  Most LED's are 20ma so that's 25 LED's per channel maxed out--but since I'm using RGB LED's, that's 3 channels to power even a single RGB LED.  I can make 10 "modules" of 25 led's each--thats alot of LED's though.


x50 10mm RGB Common Anode LED's

LED-WIZ 32-port USB Lighting and Output Controller

Some kind of U or h channel steel stock

4 conductor cable--might just use cat5

Resistors, tbd based on psu and number of led's per module.

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Webcam, USB Missile Launcher, Profit $$$

So I got a couple of these usb missile launchers off Woot! a few weeks ago.  They are pretty neat so long as you disable the lame SFX, toss a webcam ontop and remote desktop in and screw with someone baaaaad.  I have one of these in my shared office at work, it's scares the hell out of people when something shoots at them for no appearnt reason...

usb missile launcher

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