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Home Theater Part Six

PJ Mounted now--
The mount sucks, some cheap junk from flea-bay, having mounted so many projectors in the past using real mounts (using peerless, chief and premier mounts) I should have known better then to use this crap.  It has a ball & socket so you can adjust XYZ, however they all adjust at the same time...mounts by real manufactures have separated the various  XYZ adjustments. I wont' make the mistake of using a junk mount again...Took me some 15-20min to get it squared away and it's still slightly off.  I made my own grommet out of some fire retardant nomex, mainly to stop attic debris from falling onto it, and also as a possible fire-stop.  This pic was taken after it had been mounted for awhile, ignore the dirtiness.

Harmony 880 for IR, and temporarily using X10 remote for controlling Screen/Sconces.  Can't wait to get the Insteon to IR stuff setup so I can chuck the X10 controls...

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