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VMware Security Advisories

VMware posts security advisories to notify users of any vulnerabilities or other security issues that effect their products.  You can subscribe to be notified via email whenever they post a new advisory.  Keeping on top of these security advisories so you can evaluate each one and understand any risks is important as a VMware Administrator.

These advisories are posted in a couple of places:


N-1000 Command Reference Cheetsheet

Posting this command reference as a cheatsheet for those trying to setup a Honeywell (previously Northern Computers, Inc.) N-1000 panel at home.  These are the basics for programming it:

Remember to prepend all commands with a space before typing them!

- Panel buffers and prints all activity

- Set Pulse Time on Output 1 to 1 Second

- Assign Reader 1 to Output 1

- Add Card 01110 to database during Timezone 1 on Reader 1

- Set time to 20:48

- Set Panel name as "House Panel"

- Set Reader 1 name as "Garage Reader"

- Set Output 1 name as "Garage Door"

- List all cards in database

- Energize Output 1 for 1 Second


Passed CompTIA Security+

So I took my CISSP a few months back and I wanted to knock a year off the work expereience requirement ISC2 requires I went ahead and took SY0-201 yesterday.  Exam took just under 20min, the only sucky part was that the testing center I went to took 34minutes to seat me.  Guess they assume people have nothing better to do...