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N-1000 Command Reference Cheetsheet

Posting this command reference as a cheatsheet for those trying to setup a Honeywell (previously Northern Computers, Inc.) N-1000 panel at home.  These are the basics for programming it:

Remember to prepend all commands with a space before typing them!

- Panel buffers and prints all activity

- Set Pulse Time on Output 1 to 1 Second

- Assign Reader 1 to Output 1

- Add Card 01110 to database during Timezone 1 on Reader 1

- Set time to 20:48

- Set Panel name as "House Panel"

- Set Reader 1 name as "Garage Reader"

- Set Output 1 name as "Garage Door"

- List all cards in database

- Energize Output 1 for 1 Second

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  1. I have had a Northern N1000-IV for a few years now and just got my hands on WinPak PE software for use with upto 10 cards. I have been struggling to get it to talk to me, but i think these commands might help. i am looking to retrofit two of my readers to work on my Dell Rack.

    • Sounds like a fun project–I’d be interested in seeing how you mount the locks (using maglocks I assume). Are you doing the older 4020 racks or the newer 4220 racks?

      You can definitely get something working with these commands. I’ve been looking for a copy of WinPak for awhile and never found someone selling it cheap enough to warrant the purchase. I just wanted to mess around with it and see how easy it was to use verses using these commands manually.

  2. I am using the older 4020 rack, i am planning on one of two ways. using a Solenoid and use it to pull the latch by cable, or removing the spring from the lock and replacing it with a solenoid and use the spring on the solenoid to completely lock and unlock the unit by electronically moving the latch.

    the cable driven is the best solution i think, i also saw a replacement latch that would probably work well too (not a direct replacemtn of course).

  3. Wow, that’s going to be impressive. The latches on the 4020 racks are tiny, I’d love to see what/how you get it done. Post back or email me as you make progress. I would have never thought of using Solenoids, I would have just try to wedge a maglock at the top or bottom. (likely would lose 1RU)

    • I am having such difficulty with the N1000, i entered the following commands and it is just not working right. i feel like my cards arent being read, there is no output, and the LED for the card reader isnt reversing. i am starting to have a feeling that this panel is not fully functional. if i jump J10 it doesnt load, the power fail flashes fast.

      • I=1 2001 B E I L M N OA OL ON U 10
        T=1 17:45
        D=0 12/02 5 2011
        F=1 1 37 S 3 D 2 B1 B2 B3 B4
        F=1 2 36 S 3 D 2 B1 B2 B3 B4
        C=1 55322 1 1 2 2 K N M, DANIEL
        C=1 01010 1 1 2 2 K N M, TONI
        C=1 11111 1 1 2 2 K N H, DAVE
        C=1 22222 1 1 2 2 K N USER, TEST
        N=1 C 55322 M, DANIEL
        N=1 C 01010 M, TONI
        N=1 C 11111 H, DAVE
        N=1 C 22222 USER, TEST
        N=1 R 0 HOME PANEL 1
        N=1 R 2 APT DOOR STRIKE
        N=1 I 1 FRONT DOOR ALARM
        N=1 I 2 APT DOOR ALARM
        C=1 R
        L=1 1 00:00-23:59 1
        L=1 2 8:00-17:59 2
        H=0 1 12/25
        G=1 1 1
        V=1 I 1 5 1
        M=1 R
        M=1 L
        M=1 N
        M=1 E
        A=1 1 I 1
        A=1 2 I 2
        A=1 1 D 0
        A=1 2 D 0

        O=1 O1 P 3
        R=1 C

      • Does the panel return any data when you enter the commands?
        If not try this command first:
        M=1 L
        Then any other commands to see if you get any data back.

        If you don’t get any data back–what are you using to interface with the panel? C-100?
        Do the LEDs on it blink when you are entering commands? If not, I’d think the C-100 is bad.

        If the board isn’t doing anything, have you tried pulling power completely? (kill input power from transformer, disconnect both batteries). Upon boot after losing power completely (including the coin cell) it should close Output #1. If it does that then I’d think the board is good as it did post and load the default correctly…

        • I am getting my hands on four more N1000-IV panels, i will test those as well to see if it is me or the panel’s RS485 port that is no good. i am using the serial interface and when i type, the led doesnt illuminate at all (possibly bad?) when i get the OK! msg from each command.

          my next issue i have to tackle is that my site code is 2001, however my card number was said to be 66322. i dont get how that is possible on a 26bit card; i thought that the highest card number was 65532 or so for a 12 bit card number. even the programming manual states that this is the limit. my card however shows a number of 55322 printed on it which i was told was the actual number by another person.

          i really jump in head first to stuff i have never worked with before.

          will keep you posted on the tests however.

  4. I wanted to mention that the panel i had works fine, the readers i have work fine and i purchased new cards and they work fine. i just finished programming it with a few things that need to be ironed out.

    btw, i just noticed that you said you were looking for a copy of win-pak, if you still need a copy email me and we can figure out a way to get it over to you. the key i have still only lets you register i believe 10 cards because the software needs some sort of activation or secondary key.

    onto my next projects.

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