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PowerBroker Identity Services (PBIS): Restrict Login by Security Groups

PowerBroker changed how this is done from previous versions (when it was called LikeWise), now you configure this via the PBIS config command:

sudo /opt/pbis/bin/config RequireMembershipOf DOMAIN\\domain^admins DOMAIN\\server^admins

Some things to note:

  • If you require multiple groups simply put a space between each group
  • This command overwrites the previously set value each time it is run, so take care that you re-enter any groups previously set that you want to retain when adding another group
  • Remember to escape the slash between the domain & group name with a slash (double slash)
  • Replace spaces with ^ (as shown above)
  • Obviously replace DOMAIN with your domain
  • If it still doesn't work, try dropping case on the group names



N-1000 Command Reference Cheetsheet

Posting this command reference as a cheatsheet for those trying to setup a Honeywell (previously Northern Computers, Inc.) N-1000 panel at home.  These are the basics for programming it:

Remember to prepend all commands with a space before typing them!

- Panel buffers and prints all activity

- Set Pulse Time on Output 1 to 1 Second

- Assign Reader 1 to Output 1

- Add Card 01110 to database during Timezone 1 on Reader 1

- Set time to 20:48

- Set Panel name as "House Panel"

- Set Reader 1 name as "Garage Reader"

- Set Output 1 name as "Garage Door"

- List all cards in database

- Energize Output 1 for 1 Second


Card Access Control for Server Racks

APC has been offering a solution since ~2007 with the NetBotz PX AP9361 (Now NetBotz Access Control).  These support the usage of HID proximity cards so hopefully the same cards you use in your facility can be used.  Each kit is good for one rack, and secures both the front and rear doors, it includes contacts for both doors so if someone uses the physical key rather then an access card it can send an alert, or work with other NetBotz devices to snap a photo and send you the mugshot.  The only downside is that you must have NetShelter SX rack enclosures.