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Racks are fun

So I've been adding and maintaining this uber rack for a few years, the other day I snagged a Dell 2161DS IP KVM with 8 SIP's for a mere $300. It's the device directly under the monitor.


Other cool things in the rack:

  • Dual ESE NTP Timecode Servers. (Very top)
  • APC NetBotz RackBotz 400 (Thing with the camera lense in the middle)
  • APC InfraStruXure Manager (Under the netbotz)
  • 3Com 3300XM Switch
  • Dell PowerEdge 2500 (Dual 1.4GHz) -- It's my ClarkConnect Linux Router
  • A few other misc "white box" servers (VoIP PBX, VMWare, MythTV Backend)
  • APC Smart-UPS 3000RM2 w/ AP9617 Card
  • APC Share-UPS (not viable because it's 0U'd in the back)
  • IBM Netbay PDU (not viable because it's 0U'd in the back)
  • APC Smart-Slot Expansion Chassis (not viable because it's 0U'd in the back)

Next additions will be an rackmount KMM (Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse) that will take a 10th of the space the current monitor does. An APC Environmental Monitor, and a Terminal Server for all the out of band management.

The rack itself is an IBM NetBay11, decommissioned from the ever so unpopular Lycos Search Engine

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  1. Because secondhand rackable equipment is cheap and plentiful, but used racks are not cheap. The only reason I was able to get a 22U rack for my 4 *free* rackmount servers was that I was given one by my previous employer when they closed their tech support center in honolulu.

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