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Cooling Home “Datacenters”…

So I wish I had a neat little graph to post, however it's full of holes due to my syslog/snmp monitoring server powering itself off due to thermal events...In the summer heat here in South Florida my rack gets to over 112°F.  It's in the garage due to the sheer noise and the heat that is generated, I have been contemplating a portable room a/c unit or one of those split systems but both would be a waste of energy since the garage door opens atleast 2 times a day.  All of my whitebox and my larger Dell server don't give a rats...that it's 112°F.  Only this 1U Dell PE1550 seems to care.  But in reality I can't even blame it all on that server, the rack's UPS has been needing a new battery cartridge for over 3 months so it's possible that it's dropping power and the other servers power back up and not that one...The NetBot's Device Crawler indicates that *could* be the cause with uptimes of the core network devices in that rack.  Either way I need to get to the bottom of this as I am virtualizing more and more on that 1550...I guess I'll head by batterysplus and get raked over the coals for the no less then 8 batteries in this cartridge...damn technology...

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  1. Hi,

    Randomly came across your page after Googling “APC rack”. Just read this post about your cooling issue and thought you might consider a thermoelectric cooler if you’re still having the problems. Rather than cooling your entire garage, you could cool just the rack itself (if it’s not open air). We use these in industrial applications and they’re fantastic, although a little bit expensive!



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