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VMware Certified Professional

So I bought an exam voucher for $99 bucks last night, plan to knock this out in the next few months.  (Need to tackle Security+ first)

I should have taken this last year after I got my CVE (Certified Virtualization Expert) but wasn't thinking.  I don't expect it to be very difficult at all after reviewing the Exam Blueprint, for the technical bits, it looks like 99% point-click GUI knowledge and 1% command-line (apart from all the various product version/requirements stuff).  I think I will move for the VCAP-DA after getting my VCP out of the way, the CVE course really forces you to learn command-line and not rely on the GUI for everything.  I feel prepared pretty well for VCAP-DA as well, though that will require some brushup and lab work.  The only bits I haven't used that VCAP expects are are Orchestrator, vShield Zones, and vCenter Linked mode.

Not sure what I'm going to do about the course requirement, I never attended any of the required VMware training courses...

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