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Passed Server+

I didn't even really want to take the test but did, I passed CompTIA Server+ today.  So I received word that I passed my CISSP exam a couple of weeks ago but since I don't have a "solidly verifiable" 5 years experience in the various domains I would have to either wait until 2012 to be officially a CISSP or pass Security+, and that would knock it down to only 4 years of experience required.  I never pay full price for an exam so checking my usual spots I thought I would come up with a Security+ voucher for cheap but all I could find was Server+ for about $100.  I figured what the hell, it's a CompTIA test no study required and bought it to waste some time.  I went and took the test a few days later, and passed with a solid score of like 865.  Chalked up my  2nd CompTIA certification with no studying. (did the same with i-Net+ on accident a few years ago when Prometric mis-scheduled me for i-Net+ instead of Network+.

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