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Howto Reboot/Shutdown Windows Server 8

I can't believe I am actually writing this...with all the major changes Win8/Win8 Server are bringing one would never think they would change how you shutdown or restart, right?  Well we are wrong...

You can't just click Start->Shutdown anymore, old schoolers might remember this one:


Focus needs to be on the desktop (minimize all other windows, or click on the wallpaper so focus is on the desktop) then hit Alt+F4 to see a familiar window:

Windows Key+C

This is the "Charms" shortcut key.  Charms is a Microsoft term for these icons that appear when you hit Windows Key+C:

Then Click Settings:

Now you can click Power & select Restart or Shutdown.


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  1. couldnt figure it out by myself
    thanks for tutorial how to restart windows 😛

  2. Does the Win 8 CP shortcut work in server (I havent tried it yet)
    Try using Start + i it takes you straight to the settings pane withiut having to go through charms.

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