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1-Wire Temperature Sensors

Well I finally got some Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Tempature Sensors in.  I quickly threw a bunch on the breadboard to see how accurate they are and stuffs, pretty nifty, 2 wires is all it takes, ignore the 3rd leg of the sensors it doesn't do anything...

Breadboard + 1-Wire Tempature Sensors

Breadboard + 1-Wire Temperature Sensors

I put white blocks in the picture because of the nonsense on the breadboard--it was just some toying of a segment display from awhile back...

I plan to use these sensors (along with many more) to build a weather station, and I'd like to place a few throughout the house to see the difference in tempature between the rooms.  Would be intresting to see the temp difference between the outside, attic and home on a graph.

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  1. They could also be useful for the server room? Per rack temp monitors? Sweet!

  2. Yes, you could do that as well. The much more powerful–much more expensive solution is APC NetBotz. I have like a dozen it’s an addiction.

    This costs $20 bucks at the most to start, and about $3 bucks per sensor you add on. Assuming your Cat5 is free.

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