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vSphere Client: Keyboard Shortcuts

My most favorite keyboard shortcut in the vSphere Client is Ctrl+Shift+F - It's like Google for vCenter. It flips to the search box and allows you to find VMs, Templates, Datastores, Networks, Hosts, Clusters, Folders,etc.

vCenter Navigation Shortcuts

These shortcuts are for when you are in the a VM's Console

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Shift+V Switches to VM and Templates
Ctrl+Shift+H Switches to Hosts and Clusters
Ctrl+Shift+D Switches to Datastore
Ctrl+Shift+N Switches to Networking
Ctrl+Shift+F Switches to Search - THE shortcut to remember
Ctrl+Shift+E Switches to Events
Ctrl+Shift+L Switches to Licensing
Ctrl+Shift+M Switches to Maps
Ctrl+Shift+O Switches to System Logs
Ctrl+Shift+P Switches to Host Profiles
Ctrl+Shift+R Switches to Roles
Ctrl+Shift+S Switches to Sessions
Ctrl+Shift+T Switches to Scheduled Tasks
Ctrl+Shift+U Switches to Customization Specifications Manager
Ctrl+Shift+I Opens vCenter Server Settings
Alt+Home Switches to Home
Ctrl+Tab Cycles forward through tabs
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Cycles backward through tabs
Alt+Arrow Left/Right Shortcuts for the Forward/Back buttons at the top left of the vSphere Client

VM Console Shortcuts

These shortcuts are for when you are in the a VM's Console

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Shift+Insert Sends Ctrl+Alt+Delete
Ctrl+G Transfers mouse and keyboard input from the local machine to the virtual machine (same as clicking in the window) great for when you don't have a mouse handy
Ctrl+Alt+Enter Full Screen VM
Ctrl+Alt Unlocks mouse/keyboard from VM console window, also exists full screen mode
Ctrl+Shift+X Exit VM Console

New Item Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to create new things in vCenter

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+N New VM
Ctrl+A New vApp
Ctrl+H New Host
Ctrl+L New Cluster
Ctrl+O New Resource Pool
Ctrl+F New Folder
Ctrl+D New Datastore

VM Shortcuts

These shortcuts are for when you select a VM or are in the a VM's Console

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+B Power On VM
Ctrl+E Power Off VM
Ctrl+T Reset VM
Ctrl+Z Suspend VM
Ctrl+D Shut Down Guest - Requires VMware Tools
Ctrl+R Restart Guest - Requires VMware Tools
Ctrl+P Add Permission to VM
Ctrl+M Add Alarm to VM


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