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vCenter Orchestrator Trouble: SSL exception, ‘SSL certificate is missing for this host’

Here you are trying to setup vCenter Orchestrator and you get this error: SSL exception, 'SSL certificate is missing for this host'

What vCenter Orchestrator is saying is that it doesn't have the certificate installed for that host, unlike other apps/programs, Orchestrator doesn't offer an option automatically install these certificates upon inital connection.  You have to first add the certs then connect to the host, to do this: (refer the screenshot at the bottom if your stuck)

  1. Login to your vCenter Orchestrator Configuration Webpage: (http://vCenter-Orchestrator-Hostname:8282) - default user/pass is vmware/vmware
  2. Select Network from the left column
  3. At the top you'll see a tab for SSL Certificate, click that
  4. You can either import the SSL certificate from a file, or from a URL--URL is the easiest as you just enter the hostname and Orchestrator installs the certificate
  5. In the URL box, just enter your vCenter hostname, then click Import to the right of that text box
  6. You'll see the certificate details displayed if everything looks alright click Import at the bottom
  7. Repeat this process for each vCenter you plan to use Orchestrator with
  8. Go back to whatever step you were trying to do when you got the error: SSL exception, 'SSL certificate is missing for this host' and try it again, this time it should work successfully
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