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YAUS – Yet Another Un-needed Server

I just picked up this PE6650 off fleabay for $154.50!  Picked it up locally--it was 5min from my house so it was quite the steal if I do say so myself.  I'm prepping this for colo in a new data center down the street from where I work.


C-19 Plug

C-19 Plug

20A Edison

20A Edison

Onto the specs!

  • Quad 2.2ghz Xeons
  • 16GB of ram
  • Two Onboard Gigabit NICs
  • 900W power consumption--Requires C19 power cords--those 1000W whips that plug into 20amp Edison outlets, this made it a pain to use at the house, my washing machine and my APC SmartUPS 3000 are the only outlets I have to plug this into, the hooking it upto the SmartUPS tripped the breaker about a dozen times until I load balanced equipment between the two UPSs in the rack

I have rails on order and a DRACIII card, thinking about getting four 3.0ghz xeons for it...I'll update some photos when I get it colo'd.

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