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Receiving APT Images from Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites (POES)

Apparently you can receive images from NOAA satellites using  a receiver with a tuned antenna, and software via automatic picture transmissions (APT).    The satellites transmits APT via VHF between 137Mhz and 138Mhz frequencies.  These same satellites also send (High Resolution Picture Transmission) HRPT images using microwave frequencies.  I only care about the APT transmissions only at this time. These satellites are not geosynchronous (like GPS satellites) they pass overhead every once awhile.  They are overhead for only about 16 minutes, you record the audio you receive and run it through some software that will render the audio into an image.

I plan to construct a QFH (Quadrifilar Helical) antenna, you might also see it called a QHA.  I'm no RF guru but apparently it provides the best polarization in a circle along with hemispherical reception. Stay tuned...


Passed CompTIA Security+

So I took my CISSP a few months back and I wanted to knock a year off the work expereience requirement ISC2 requires I went ahead and took SY0-201 yesterday.  Exam took just under 20min, the only sucky part was that the testing center I went to took 34minutes to seat me.  Guess they assume people have nothing better to do...


SpeedTest.net DOCSIS 3.0

Swapped out my DOCSIS 2.0 for a 3.0 and very happy with the difference I am seeing, this is the same service I've always been paying for...

For comparison here is a previous test @ SpeedTest.net:

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Howto: Build a Windows Server 2008 R2 VMware Template

So, you have to build a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM Template ESX/ESXi?  Theres a lot of folks out there that give their 2 cents on the matter, and a few walkthroughs but everytime you read one thing you come across something new...So I decided to put my procedure online and I also added some notes about each task with reasoning for why I do each task.

I integrated bits and pieces from: SOLORI's BlogJeremy Waldrop's Blog, Techhead and  Yellow Bricks as well as various bits from technet.

Remember to setup vCenter for Guest Customizations by placing the sysprep files for all the various versions of Windows in the proper locations, refer to this VMware KB Article for locations and instructions: VMware KB: 1005593

Give your feedback, if you don't agree with something let me know!