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Card Access System Installed & Operational

So with a tip from a fellow on the internets, I was able to finish that last step in programming it, setting the link between a card reader and an output.  It was all working so I ran to install it, took a little under an hour and it works! w00t!!!111oneoneeleven


N-1000-II Mounted

N-1000-II Mounted


Progress on the Card Access System

So I tinkered around today with it some more, and realized my mistake when I previously tried to program the panel.  Every command has to be prefixed with a space.  The other show stopper is the POS USB<->Serial Dongle I am using, it craps out after a few minutes and I have to change the com port, disable/reenable the device, or unplug/replug it in...

I made good progress today, Assigned the Reader to an Output, Added the Card to the Reader, and named the Panel, Reader and Output.  I cannot get the panel to energize the output when I have a successful read, however the LED status on the reader works now and I can see the actions in the terminal processing.  I know it has to do with the V command, but everything I've done thus far is invalid syntax, stupid Honeywell needs to improve on this documentation from 1995.  Perhaps I'll try to get a firmware upgrade for this thing, apparently you have to send the EPROMM in to get it, PITA.   Heres a pic from my tinkering...

Access Control Progress

Also bidding on a Blackbox wireless serial server so once this is installed I can make whatever changes over the network...mmm disable someones proxcard (key) to the house via VPN--oh the joys...

Anyone else who wants to do something like this, the Northern Computers panels may be a cheaper solution since they are in surplus out of old buildings, however something like an ELK-M1 may prove to be more user friendly and alot less fustrating...