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List/Export Installed Windows Updates

If you are building server images/templates and want to document how you've built them why not list the updates that are installed?  Cool, but we can't copy-pasta the updates in bulk...These tools will handle this for you:

Windows Server 2003

If you are running Windows Server 2003 take a look at WUL (Windows Update List) a freeware app from Nirsoft.  You can download it as a .zip which has the standalone version that doesn't require an install.  Check it out @ http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wul.html.  Unfortunately this doesn't work for Windows Server 2008...

Windows Server 2008

So if your running Windows Server 2008 and want to export a list of updates, there is a built in tool to do this.  Using WMIs Command-line interface (WMIC) you can export this list.

Launch a command prompt and type:

Also note that instead of a csv you can use these other format options:

LIST is Tab Delimited

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  1. Great tip! It also works for Windows 7 Pro.

  2. Thank you Mike. I’ve tried it on Windows Server 2012 and worked

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