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LikeWise Open: Adding Domain Group to Sudoers File

So now that your cranking using LikeWise, you want to use it for all your admins and you need to give them access to sudo all.
Run visudo as normal:
sudo visudo
Then add a line at the bottom like so: (remember to press I to switch to edit mode so you can add this)
%DOMAIN\\linux^admins ALL=(ALL) ALL

When your done hit escape then type:


This will write the file out and exit visudo

Some things to note:

  • The % MUST be the first character on the line
  • Escape the slash between domain & user with a slash (double slash)
  • Use ^ in place of spaces
  • Obviously replace DOMAIN with your domain
  • If you have problems try dropping case on the group name
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  1. Thanks for that. I’m having a problem with Likewise that maybe you can help me with:

    I want to ‘chown’ some folder to a domain user but chown keeps telling me that the user doesn’t exist. Look:

    sudo chown -R [‘domain\user’,””] /folder
    chown: [domain\\user,]': invalid user
    sudo chown -R [domain\user,""] /folder
    [domainuser,]’: invalid user

    So, it doesn’t matter what combination I choose for the command, I always get an ‘invalid user’ message. I just can’t, or don’t know, how to escape the combination correctly.

    By the way, for login I do ‘domain\username’, for example: su ‘domain\username’

    Thank you!

    • Eneko,

      I haven’t had to do this yet but I think this would do it:
      sudo chown -R domain\\user /folder

      If not perhaps this might work:
      sudo chown -R user@domain /folder

      Let me know if you figure it out

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