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Automated P2V Cleanup: Remove/Uninstall Dell OpenManage & Broadcom/Intel Drivers

So how many times have you done a P2V only to have to go back and manually cleanup all the extra crud a physical server requires--Dell OpenManage Server Administrator(Dell OSMA), Broadcom Drivers and Management Applications, Intel Drivers and Management Applications, etc.  Now expand that to having to do over 500 P2Vs in a few month span and you find the need to automate....

Presenting a huge honking script to automate those pesky uninstalls, right now it's only Dell specific, but I plan to expand it to other vendors like IBM & HP.

This Removes:

  • Dell OpenManage Server Administrator
  • Broadcom Drivers and Management Applications
  • Broadcom NetXtreme II Driver Installer
  • Intel(R) PROSet for Wired Connections
  • Intel(R) PRO Network Connections

STOPUpdated VersionAutomated P2V Cleanup V1.1

Reboots are suppressed so you need to reboot when your done to finish all uninstalls.  If you wish to automate that as well add a line like to the end:

I like to control the reboot so I don't use that...

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