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vCenter Orchestrator Trouble: SQL Server Connection refused: connect

If your trying to configure vCenter Orchestrator to use a local Microsoft SQL Express database and you get the error: Unknown host: Error when connecting to host localhost/, port 1433: Connection refused: connect

You need to change a few options on your SQLExpress server to accept this connection.

  1. Launch SQL Server Configuration Manager
  2. Navigate to SQL Server Network Configuration->Protocols for SQLEXPRESS on the left column
  3. Double-Click on TCP/IP
  4. Ensure Enabled is set for Yes
  5. Ensure Listen All is set for Yes
  6. Click the IP Addresses Tab
  7. Scroll to the bottom and find IPAll
  8. Set TCP Port to 1433 for IPAll
  9. Hit Ok, and Ok to the dialog box that pops up
  10. Navigate to SQL Server Services on the left column
  11. Right-Click SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) and select Restart
  12. Try again and your Orchestrator server should be able to connect to the database now