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DHCP Pwnage v0.1

Ever wanted to exhaust a DHCP servers pool? (of course for testing things in a non-production environment)
I did, so I created DHCP Pwnage

This Perl script will grab as many leases as you want, you define the number of leases via the $ClientC var. I plan on writing this tool in PHP so I can add a lot more functionality.

This was created by modifying the example code of Net::DHCPClientLive, to get Net::DHCPClientLive you will need to force the install or notest the install via CPAN.  I have had no luck having Net::DHCPClientLive install properly on any platform without using force or notest.

Download: dhcp-pwnage-v0.1.pl.zip


Use VNC to manage VMware ESX/ESXi VMs

Something cool for your ESX/ESXi labs--Rather then relying on using the VIC (VMware Infrastructure Client) to remote control your VMs you can enable VNC access to them.

To do this power off the VM and add the lines below to the VMs .vmx file, you will need to choose a different port for each VM you wish to do this on.



If your using ESX you can password protect the VNC connection by adding this line:

remotedisplay.vnc.password = “password”

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