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Flashpaper & Cotton Shooter

Me and Brian put a flashpaper gun together a few weeks ago, it's shoots fireballs a few feet.

flashpaper gun

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Wiring the house

So I picked up this wallmount rack a bit ago and finally threw it up there, it came with a bunch of patch panels filled with keystone jacks that will be installed throughout the house--since I already have a patch panel...  To the right is a Netbotz Wallbotz  300B to send me emails about the garage being 112 degrees....Florida fails.



7.1 Receiver

So I just got a JVC RX-D301 7.1 Receiver off woot a few days ago for like ~$105

Panasonic Receiver

So far I'm impressed--it outperforms the Sony receiver we have that is 3x the size and about a year and a half old. I've only got 5 speakers hooked up so far but hell there isn't any 7.1 dvds yet anyway...cool feature is a little usb soundcard it comes with to send audio from a computer to it wirelessly, l33t. Also has a USB-B jack on the front to plug it directly into a computer to work as a soundcard

Front L/F and Surround L/F Speakers are Cambridge SoundWorks THX something or other.


Center is some POS Panasonic I took off my brother's 5.1 system