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Cobblebot 3D Printer: Making the LCD Bracket Fit

If you have a Cobblebot and noticed the LCD Controller knob binds up and the bracket really doesn't fit correctly here are a couple of tricks to make it better.

Give the knob some clearance

Unseat the knob a bit, take a flathead screwdriver and put it flat under the knob and nut and twist the screwdriver a bit, work from side to side to slowly lift the knob up a bit.
Cobblebot LCD Controller Knob Clearance


Relocate the speaker

You can desolder and move the speaker to the back of the unit so the plate can rest lower on the controller. This also gives more clearance to the knob so you don't have to lift it as far.  Take care not to reverse the polarity of the speaker.

Cobblebot LCD Controller Speaker


End result

This is how my bracket looks now, and the knob turns and can be depressed easily without binding:

Cobblebot LCD Controller fixed bracket

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